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Horse Slaughter Statistics Totals and by Breed

It is hard to pin down the numbers as they change year-by-year, but this will provide some reference points.

Animals’ Angels obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act for slaughter by breed from the USDA.  Here’s how it breaks down, in percentages: (these numbers are rounded up to the nearest percentage, and represent the years 2003 and 2004) This is only for U.S. horses.

Thoroughbred:  20%

Quarter Horse: 51%

Draft Horse : 8%

All others: 21% (this would include: Appaloosa, Arabian, Crossbred, Mule, Mustang, Pony, Standardbred and Other.)

The most recent totals for all U.S. horses slaughtered in the U.S., Mexico and Canada are:

2009     62,724      (Canada and Mexico)

2008     99,054     (Canada and Mexico)

2007    121,198    (U.S., Canada and Mexico; the last year for U.S. slaughter)

2006    142,400   (U.S., Canada and Mexico)

Here is a chart for all horses slaughtered in Canada, regardless of country of origin.

Here are FOIA documents for one supplier for Richelieu, showing each horse by breed, color and gender.  It does not show age or condition.

USDA statistics for horse slaughter 1989-2012.

Equine Welfare Alliance comprehensive data, including Japan: Statistics 1989-2012 (updated)

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